Rompers For Men: Your New Favorite Summer Outfit?

Why everyone is suddenly talking about male rompers

The RompHim is a romper designed just for guys.

Let's be honest: Even in your frattiest fever dreams, you probably didn't imagine that a fashion trend like dude rompers would conquer the Internet hive mind in a matter of days. As anyone with testicles who's ever worn a romper can probably attest, having your crotch directly connected to your shoulders by a hammock of cloth can be more than a little problematic. Rompers and RompHims will leads to some serious shenanigans, I tell you what.

Designers said the RompHim is ideal for summer to keep cool as well as comfortable and stylish.

So far so 2,054 backers have pledged US$234,742, far surpassing the US$10,000 that was targetted. Millicent Needham posted: "Real man nuh play romper, leave it to the ladies". But for men? Well - not the best look.

I seem to remember a time when I was a kid that women wore something called a romper.

"We spent countless hours designing the RompHim to be your favorite summer outfit", the Kickstarter reads.

The latest trend - both loved and loathed by social media - is taking shape: the onesie for men. More recently, brands like Rick Owens, Versace, Thom Browne, Gucci, Lafaille, Ports 1961, and Juun J. have all designed rompers specifically for men. They became popular for men and women alike, and the design eventually found its way into the hands of fashion designers in the 60s and 70s. On the upside, the creators included a "zipper fly" in the design, so at least you can pee in them.

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