Melissa McCarthy, Alec Baldwin Return To SNL

McCarthy was clearly filming a skit for an upcoming Saturday Night Live episode, but it's unclear exactly what was going on or what she was saying.

SNL cast member Aidy Bryant, portraying Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was telling the press that Spicer, who is an officer with the Naval Reserves, was on duty.

Spicer took some heat in real life starting Tuesday when The Washington Post reported the press secretary stood "between two tall hedges" while answering questions about FBI Director James Comey's firing. SNL's Spicer clips went viral on YouTube ever since the show first started mocking Spicer, and McCarthy joined Alec Baldwin - who plays Donald Trump on the show - to become one of the recurring actors who portray personalities in the current White House administration.

"Trump is innocent. How do we know?"

"He wouldn't do that", McCarthy's Spicer said. Because he told us so.

Instead, he gets the "Godfather II" Fredo kiss, i.e. the kiss of death, despite Spicer's protestations that "I'm married!"

When members of the White House press corps suggest Spicer might be fired and replaced with Sanders, it spurs a soul-searching rolling lectern trip from NY - and, ultimately, New Jersey - where Spicer seeks reassurance from President Trump (the returning Alec Baldwin). Baldwin has opened 15 of this season's so-far 20 episodes as Donald Trump.

Watch below as she struggles to grab hot dogs, screams Trump's name while in traffic, gets serenaded with love from eager fans, and roasts in the sun: "I just need a couple minutes in a bush to get it together". Spoiler alert: Spicer ends up kissing a certain president.

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