Fidget spinner safety: Doctor warns parents to monitor their child's usage

Fidget spinner safety: Doctor warns parents to monitor their child's usage

A popular toy is under fire after one of its parts got lodged in a young girls throat.

But some parents say they can also be a health hazzard.

In May 2017, fidget spinners, which are toys originally developed to relieve stress that are made from a ball bearing with metal prongs that can be poked, spun, and flicked, and that supposedly help with mental focus, became wildly popular.

The 3 sided piece of plastic is sending schools accross the country into a spin over recent weeks - with one primary school taking the step to BAN the gadget entirely!

"For a child to just have it as a toy in class, to me, it was kind of aggravating", she said.

Although the girl is ok, this is reportedly not the first incident to happen with fidget spinners.

Delano: Have you found that sometimes they can be a distraction from the instruction?

Frederick: Some of them will be focused and some of them will be very off task. "They [should] put more warnings on the toys for parents to know that these toys are risky", Johnson noted.

If you don't know what a fidget spinner is, then you probably don't have children-or any teacher-friends entertaining you with tales about what goes on in their classrooms.

However, while a filler of dead time for many, Bou Monsef said there could be a more serious physiological applications to the Fidget Spinner - although thorough scientific studies would be needed to test and prove this.

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