Family: Acquitted cop should not return to work

An Oklahoma jury on Wednesday acquitted a white police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man in Tulsa previous year.

A jury in Oklahoma concluded that a white female police officer justifiably feared for her life when she fatally shot a black man who was walking away from her with his hands up.

Looking at Shelby, I was reminded of Mark Richert, the police officer who called Terence Crutcher a "bad dude", and of what Betty Shelby's husband, David, said on 60 Minutes a few weeks earlier: that there were two victims that night in September.

Bynum offered a bird's-eye approach, speaking of Tulsa's racial disparity as the "great moral issue of our time in this community". Rank-and-file police officers - not just in Tulsa, but in departments across the country - remain aggrieved that prosecutors brought a case against Shelby in the first place.

Officer Shelby said he ignored her commands to stop, walking away from her and toward his vehicle, his arms raised.

"All the elements of manslaughter was there", she said. Crutcher's hands were in his pockets, and when she told him to take them out, he put them straight into the air. "But there's still a family that's been greatly affected, and that's the Crutchers ... just because our member here has been found to be not guilty, it in no way diminishes our heartfelt sympathy to that family".

Instead, Crutcher's death - another involving an unarmed black man at the hands of police - touched off Black Lives Matter protests and calls for greater transparency from local authorities.

Throughout closing arguments, Shelby, 43, looked straight ahead and showed no emotion.

Defense lawyers and (mostly white) Americans inclined to be dubious of anti-police protests believe Shelby acted reasonably and in accordance with her training to counter what could have been a deadly threat.

Tiffany Crutcher said: "Betty Shelby murdered my brother and after she murdered my brother the Tulsa police department covered up for her". Another officer shot him with a Taser dart at about the same moment the fatal shot was sacked from Shelby's service weapon. "And I believe that all those officers involved, they're going to be held accountable because this family right here, we believe in a higher power, we believe in a higher judge", she said.

At a news conference Monday, Sept. 19, 2016 Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan told reporters that officer Tyler Turnbough had tasered Mr. Crutcher then a second officer, Betty Shelby fired her gun at Crutcher. An affidavit accused her of "becoming emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted".

Shelby had been charged with first-degree manslaughter.

As of a couple of hours ago, there were protesters in the streets of Tulsa. At left is Leanna Crutcher, the mother of Terence Crutcher and at right is Crutcher family attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons.

Her attorneys said Shelby shot Crutcher because she thought he was reaching into his SUV for a gun.

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