Hue Jackson takes notice of Myles Garrett

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According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Garrett's comments drew an immediate response from the Steelers' offensive linemen.

"Now", he continued, "if you would like to avoid getting off to a very bad start with me, we need to make some things clear".

Garrett's instant reaction was to chuckle a little to himself.

Garrett said life as the No. 1 pick is mostly the same, with a few more "random" requests to pose for pictures. He's very bright, intelligent, scored incredibly well on some of the psychological testing we did with him, and he comes from a solid family. "Most people wouldn't say that, but he's one of the greatest, if not the greatest, pass rushers, so if he thinks so - and I want to be at this level someday - then I've got to take his advice and run with it". He just wanted to get the field so he did not get left behind as other guys were learning.

Smith's assessment came after the 2 watched film from Texas A&M's game against UCLA that saw Garrett tally a sack and a pair of tackles for loss in the win for the Aggies. Garrett politely declined, he said, because he would not stray from his nightly cardiovascular workout, which he completed in his downtown hotel exercise room. I want us to channel some of those.

The Browns were obviously comfortable with Garrett's decision not to hide his ambition. He said since the draft it's been "just football", and after minicamp ends Sunday he won't leave Cleveland.

Hue Jackson said he doesn't mind comments like that from Garrett.

"We're not scared of it, " Brown said Wednesday, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"You are here to work and help your teammates, and you will talk with your play", Williams told Garrett and Peppers. "They have made it feel like a family, but I have to prove that I belong first, and then they can really take me under their wing".

"I have to run with them first", he said.

About a week before the draft, Warren Sapp called Garrett "lazy." He turned them down because he works out every morning and night and he didn't want to miss a session, which lasted 90 minutes to two hours and included jogging on the streets of Cleveland.

"No, I'm going to be myself", he said.

"I'm not trying to take any time off", he said. "They are not going to shy away from the challenge and neither are we". "Can't take any time off". "Pounce got a big kick out of it. I was just running around and my knee just kind of locked up on me.".

Garrett's goal is to follow in Smith's footsteps, and he is already taking some of the former Pro Bowler's advice to heart.

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