Dove body wash campaign sparks backlash (Dove/YouTube)

Dove body wash campaign sparks backlash (Dove/YouTube)

The brand recently released a United Kingdom campaign meant to celebrate diversity, and attempted to illustrate the concept through their packaging - by releasing a video with different bottle shapes, purportedly to represent different body shapes.

A spokesperson for Dove told HuffPost UK: "Dove celebrates real women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities in our campaigns".

Spearheaded by advertising giant Ogilvy London, the bottles, which are not for sale, appear in six different shapes, ranging from hourglass to tall and narrow.

Dove Soap launching a new TV ad furthering its "Real Beauty Campaign". Reads a statement from Dove, "They're one-of-a-kind - just like you".

Not everyone was fond of the campaign.

The line, meant to "spread beauty confidence", contains six different shapes and sizes for different body types.

We'll stick to our bottle-shaped body washes, thank you very much. The campaign also belittles the real need for more diverse representation in everyday imagery, a initiative the company was credited with pioneering.

Conceived by Ogilvy & Mather in 2004, several advertisements for Dove have received plenty of press coverage through the years and many have even gone viral, including the Dove Real Beauty Sketches in 2013.

Consumer surveys show that shoppers choose soaps and body washes based number of factors, including scent, quality and affordability. Actually, that day is here, and so are reactions to Dove's ill-advised campaign. "So you can contemplate how far outside the ideal your body is even in the shower". "Dove really missed the mark on this one".

"I don't understand Dove for your body type?"

"Seems like a really stupid idea to remind people how their body shape doesn't fit a culturally ideal body shape", Patrick Vargas, an advertising professor at the University of IL, wrote in an email. "What otherwise would have been a body-image-free trip to the store becomes a trip that highlights body image".

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