LCD Soundsystem drops two comeback tracks

Chris Pine and Kate McKinnon Let Loose in Studio 8H for New 'SNL' Promo (Video)

Jim Bennett/FilmMagicAs promised, LCD Soundsystem dropped two new songs overnight. The tracks, titled "Call the Police" and "American Dream", are set to be featured on the disco-funk group's forthcoming fourth studio album. That's what writers are supposed to do when there are new LCD Soundsystem songs: blog. There's been a hell of a lot of talk since then - especially since James Murphy announced the band's return at the start of past year - and the band's pair of new songs put nearly all the chatter to rest.

If you think the tunes sound familiar, that's probably because LCD also debuted them live in Brooklyn last month. Frontman James Murphy revealed the news in a Facebook post, pointing out that the songs will be released at midnight local time in whatever time zone you live in, meaning fans on the other side of the world will get to hear them before us Americans. One of them is big and triumphant-sounding, and the other is slower and sadder and more reliant on vintage synth sounds. Murphy paints a terrifying scene: "You took acid and looked in the mirror / Watched the beard crawl around on your face". there vinyl of this release?!? These are the first new tracks from James Murphy and co. since 2015's one-off bummer jam, "Christmas Will Break Your Heart".

Chris Pine is hosting "Saturday Night Live" this Saturday, May 6, in the second of four historic episodes that will be broadcast live on both coasts. Being less than ideal - crummy, even - has always been a state that Murphy's conveyed perfectly, and it's done better than ever.

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