Donald Trump pats self for healthcare bill win

Ivanka Trump

The MacArthur-Meadows amendment to the American Health Care Act just passed in the House, and if it becomes law, people with certain "pre-existing conditions" could legally be denied or charged extra for health insurance.

"N$3 ever underestimate these bastards", he said. But we're going to save so much money on the other side.

Democrats had a far different take on the day's events.

"We must manage expectations and remain focused on the art of the doable as we move forward", said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, among several cautionary statements issued by Senate Republicans after the House vote.

"I did not support the AHCA today because of the many uncertainties in achieving those goals", she said. "But they will, now, when they find out that you voted to take away their health care".

Meanwhile, the bill's sloppy drafting means that employer-based health-care plans might be permitted to impose annual spending limits and lifetime coverage limits - even if most states attempted to keep strong market protections in place.

Republicans have long contended that the law is an unprecedented overreach of federal authority. The likelihood is that the overall health of our citizens will get worse, especially among those who can not afford the full coverage they have today, including a large proportion of Trump voters. But what are the Republicans' real-world counterexamples, given their own reluctance to reform health care on their own terms years ago? And it lifts the taxes that Obamacare had imposed on the wealthy, insurers and companies.

The AARP had urged lawmakers to vote no. But, under the Republican bill, insurers may be able to charge higher prices for a limited time due to a person's recent medical history.

Trump referred to those problems in a ceremonious get-together in the White House Rose Garden: "Wherever I went (in the campaign), people were suffering so badly, because of the ravages of Obamacare".

Many responded by sharing the conditions that would make it harder for them to get health insurance under the Affordable Care Act replacement bill.

It's unfair to call the AHCA a disguised effort to cut taxes on rich people; it's more fair to call it the extension of a prolonged conservative effort to block or repeal those taxes, which, yes, mostly affect the rich. Rushing something this big, complicated and important through the House without the benefit of CBO's analysis strikes me as an admission that the CBO report will be embarrassing to those who voted for it.

The Affordable Care Act was arguably President Barack Obama's biggest domestic achievement.

Waldman said he was glad the bill gets rid of some new taxes and insurance regulations, but overall it will hurt a lot of Texans.

Obama: Expanded insurance for poorer individuals.

Insurers in states that apply for waivers to the new rules will be allowed to charge substantially higher premiums to patients with preexisting conditions, either recouping some of their losses on expensive patients or discouraging high-cost patients from even purchasing insurance.

"They told me I would never live until 30, now I'm 57 so I feel blessed but I'm now disfigured", said Cecilia.

The expected gutting of Medicaid and Medicare has alarmed many groups, including school advocacy groups, including the School Superintendents Association, the National School Boards Association, and the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, who said the cuts will negatively impact special education students, according to Education Week.

It ends cost-sharing subsidies.

Under Obamacare, people can not be denied coverage.

Cruz said Wednesday he is talking with senators and the administration about ways to improve the bill and bring down premiums.

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