Senate Democrats announce $15 minimum wage bill

Bernie Sanders to Reintroduce Bill Calling for Raise in Federal Minimum Wage to $15 an HourMore

"We are proud to support the Raise the Wage Act, which would raise the federal minimum wage in eight steps to $15 an hour by 2024, and gradually eliminate the tipped minimum wage, which is long overdue. Every American who works hard is entitled to just that". "We should be ashamed of ourselves the people who cook for us, and clean for us, and care for us, are treated like they don't deserve a decent wage." said Representative Will Guzzardi, D-Chicago, sponsor o the bill.

The bill would also do away with lowered minimum wage standards for disabled workers and new hires under the age of 20.

Sen. Bernie Sanders along with House and Senate Democrats introduced a bill today that will give Democrats a powerful rallying cry in 2018.

The US$15 minimum wage was considered unrealistic by many Democrats just a few years ago.

But key Senate Democrats are now on board, including Minority Leader Charles Schumer of NY. He believes that as more cities approve similar laws, states and eventually the federal government will follow.

Vermont's minimum wage increased to $10 this year, up from $9.60. It would rise automatically after that as the country's median wages rose. As a candidate for governor, Scott pointed out that the state minimum wage will be indexed to inflation beginning in 2019, and it is already one of the highest in America.

With no conservative support in the Republican-controlled Senate for Sanders' proposal, the chances of the bill's passage are slim.

"When this thought first came up, people were telling us, "That's just insane!" After the introduction of Sanders' 2015 wage bill, more than 200 economists signed a letter supporting the policy.

"We need good jobs", Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat, said at a rally of federal union workers in front of the Capitol building Wednesday.

Even during the 2016 election, Nominee Hillary Clinton balked at the $15 hourly number, instead pushing for a raise in minimum wage in general, rather than specifically advocating for what Sanders' was arguing for. "We're going to to fight like hell to improve your make $15 an hour a reality in this nation".

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