Donald Trump has red button that summons butler to bring him Coke

White House shows the Resolute desk in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. AP

During these first three months we, as a nation, have been compelled to spend a lot of time with Donald Trump. Hearing from him as he weighs in-shudder-on global events. Trump claims to love fast food because the chains do so much business that it's less likely an employee could contaminate his food. It's a growing corpus of reporting that has allowed readers to dive a little deeper in the baby pool that is our current president.

Now, it seems President Donald Trump has learned there are more perks to being president than just an in-home bowling alley.

Mr Trump has a special wooden box on his desk in the Oval Office of the White House containing a single button which he has been using to order glasses of Coca-Cola.

Trump has a Coke button and I wouldn't have a button.

In a week marking Donald Trump's 100th day in office as well as the announcement of his long-awaited tax plan, an interview at the White House has provided a surprising insight into the life of the new president.

The "red button" symbolically represents the president's nuclear launch order in modern culture, a perception that former Then-candidate Hillary Clinton used during the 2016 presidential campaign against Trump.

In an Associated Press story published Monday, it was revealed that President Trump has been given a red button he can push every time he would like to request a soda.

The man is a known self-loathing Coke drinker, so perhaps the button was a very quick addition to the desk.

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