75 miles per hour Highways in Michigan May Start Next Week

75 miles per hour Highways in Michigan May Start Next Week

Studies showed vehicles on these stretches were already driving at the increased speeds, and these roads were best suited for the change, State Transportation Director Kirk Steudle said in an MDOT news release.

M-dot says the new speed limits will be posted sometime in May.

The statewide speed limit changes were informed by a review of things like speed, crash patterns and traffic volumes by the Michigan State Police and Michigan Department of Transportation.

Fans of Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55" may seek solace in the new state law that will begin taking effect mid-May, increasing the speed limits on some state highways and freeways. U.S. 1-27 in Clinton County, from I-69 to Saint Johns, will go to 75 miles per hour, as will I-75 from Bay City to Mackinaw City, and USA 131 north of Grand Rapids.

600 miles of freeway in rural areas of the state will have their limits bumped up from 70 to 75 mph and 900 other miles of roadway that will be bumped up to 65 mph.

The new law requires these modified speed limits to be in place before January 5. Marie, US-127 from I-69 to I-75 and US-131 from M-57 to Manton - beginning May 1. Marie, stretches of US 127 from north of Lansing to the Grayling area, and USA 131 between suburban Grand Rapids and northern MI.

Texas allows speeds of up to 85 miles per hour on a single stretch of rural freeway, the highest rate in the nation.

Speed remains a contentious issue in Australia, with a lack of road maintenance contributing to an increasing roll-out of lower speed limits as road surfaces deteriorate. "Troopers and motor carrier officers do, and will continue to, aggressively enforce all posted speed limits to ensure compliance by the motoring public".

MDOT says they picked roads that are engineered to handle the higher limits.

Accelerated speed limits will soon cruise to a portion of a Benzie County road.

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