Sanders headlining event aimed at boosting Democrats

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks during an event at the the James L. Knight Center on Thursday in Miami as part of a Democratic unity tour. Sanders is getting heat for campaigning with Omaha Neb. mayoral candidate Heath Mello who has supported abortion restr

Second, beyond campaign mechanics and candidates, the Democratic Party has promoted, and continues to embrace, the great bi-partisan myth of American exceptionalism. Their itinerary includes swing states like Florida and Nevada and red states like Kentucky, Nebraska, Texas, some more. "The only way Perez would be safe to come to ME is to have Bernie by his side". Mr. Chairman, welcome back to the program.

"I really struggled with choosing between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during the primary".

"Health care is a human right, not a privilege", Sanders shouted, his voice cracking.

On Tuesday, as the tour continued, Perez and Sanders fell in and out of sync.

"Your greed is destroying this country, and you know what?"

INSKEEP: Oh, the big demonstrations the day after the inauguration, right. In a Monday morning interview on NPR, Perez praised Mello and said that Democrats had contributed to the Kansas race in ways that perhaps had gone unseen.

Sanders told the crowd that was why he would soon be introducing legislation calling for a single payer Medicare-style health care system.

The energy is palpable. "If we replicate success like that everywhere, we will flip the House in 2018", he said, adding, as if to convince himself, "And we're making tremendous progress".

"If this fellow wins in Nebraska, that would be a shot across the board, that in a state like Nebraska a progressive Democrat can win, that will give hope to folks in other conservative states that perhaps they can win as well". It hasn't been yet. The reports prompted a backlash by abortion rights advocates but also a defense of Mello from the state's top Democrat. They don't have it now. "What starts that competitiveness for those scholarships, those opportunities in high school, because I'm going to be going for free anyway?" And he's in our studios.


Thompson has since urged Democrats to stop debating why he lost and focus instead on the upcoming elections. Was that a mistake? But they didn't vote for us in 2016. "We did robo-calls at their request". In polls, Macron leads Le Pen by 25 to 30 points in a runoff; Melenchon leads by around 10 points. "And we have got to appreciate where people come from, and do our best to fight for the pro-choice agenda".

"I can not believe with all of the solar exposure that this state has, how little your utility has done to move this state in sustainable energy", Sanders said.

Sanders invoked the Woody Guthrie labor anthem "Which Side Are You On?" to tell Democrats: "Our job is to make it clear that the Democratic Party is on the side of working people". Will Democrats win in Georgia tomorrow? "I live in the people's republic of Takoma Park", Perez explained. More than 50 percent of Texans have an unfavorable view of Trump now. And if not, we'll keep fighting later for the final election. This sets up a narrative of "us versus them" competition among workers.

INSKEEP: Mr. Chairman, thanks very much.

Tonight, DNC Chair Tom Perez and self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders brought their unhinged, profanity-laced roadshow to Louisville. And, Scott Detrow, what do you think about what you just heard?

"I've got one question: are you ready for a political revolution?"

Begich: I think it's good. There's a lot of frustration going back to previous year with the DNC, with Democrats in Congress from the people that Perez and other Democrats need to have energized.

SHAPIRO: So Scott, what is he trying to accomplish on this unity tour then?

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