Rhode Island March for Science to take place April 22

Global warming: Science or dogma?

"When science is threatened, so is the society that scientists uphold and protect".

The idea of a global March of Science developed shortly after the inauguration of U.S. president Donald Trump in January, amid fears that his term would be marked by disregard for facts and research.

Ferris says Milwaukee's March for Science is just the beginning of a push to advocate for scientific thinking and research. "The situation could become serious if the President's proposed cuts are enacted". Other budget proposals took aim at health research.

For some, like Prof. The Nixon administration (1969-74) is a much-maligned Republican administration, but it achieved important advances with the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency supported by strong Congressional legislation through the Clean Air and Clean Water acts.

Of course, Bill Nye, everybody's favorite leftist science guy, will have a key speaking role. I am going to Boston at my own expense, because I am a concerned citizen who feels that strong science makes for a stronger America.

At 1:45, there will be teach-in presentations from local scientists at the Yosemite Museum Fire Circle in front of the Indian Museum at Yosemite Village. Jerry Coyne, an evolutionary biologist with the University of Chicago told The Stream, "at best the march is effective, at worst it harms the reputation of scientists and we are seen as a bunch of idealogues". "The march symbolizes a response to the rejection of scientific principles exhibited by large groups in this country".

"Scientists face increasing public distrust, and that lack of trust is now shaping government policy", said Amanda Braley, a biology professor at Gonzaga, in a recent news release.

"President Trump's proposed travel ban as well as the rising anti-immigrant rhetoric increasingly keeps global scientists from wanting to collaborate with US scientists and some have called for boycotting USA conferences", Leuenberger explained.

March participants are a wide-ranging group, from a neuroscientist who is marching "for the thousands of people suffering from spinal cord injury" to sci-fi fans who are marching "Because you can't have science fiction without science!" to a scientist marching to honour "the many, many women and young girls interested or involved in science" to those marching "because we know climate change is real". For instance, only four percent of the world's engineering degrees are earned in the US, as opposed to 56 percent in Asia and 17 percent in Europe. Workers in the department state this was a way to stop research emerging that could contradict US Government policy under Trump.

It would not remain without consequences if scientific evidence was disregarded in policy making, Weinberg believes. "I'm hoping I get more energised by coming here". "There are other lives here besides ourselves and we are the ones doing the most damage to it".

The new United States president has said the concept of global warming was made by the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing less competitive.

"Scientists are often reticent to go public", Rush Holt, a former member of Congress and CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science said in a Wednesday press conference about the march. Although the marches in previous years were not focused on Donald Trump, the People's Climate March on April 29 is being promoted specifically as an anti-Trump protest on the event website, which stresses the role of opposition to Donald Trump's environmental policies in the broader anti-Trump "resistance" movement.

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