Would you drink colourless coffee?

Would you drink colourless coffee?

According to the NHS, this is equal to a standard mug of instant coffee, which usually contains 100mg caffeine.

Say goodbye to the teeth stains, coffee lovers! Talking about the way its made, he told BuzzFeed Food, We process the roasted coffee beans within one week after they are roasted.

Yes, the energy boost and excuse to spend nearly £4 on a drink that really should cost 50p if we bothered to buy it from Tescos is satisfying, but the post-coffee shlump and, even worse, the dodgy teeth stains are so not what we signed up for. Introduced by CLR CFF, it's a transparent, caffeinated drink with a taste that's like a potent cold brew.

"We are heavy coffee drinkers", David Nagy said. They mentioned that there was nothing on the market to soothe their issues, so they made a decision to create their own recipe.

A pair of Slovakian brothers and coffee addicts have created clear coffee for reasons of dental hygiene. CLR CFF claims to be free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

For right now, CLR CFF is being sold only in stores in the United Kingdom and online.

A two-pack Clear Coffee will get people £5.99 or $7.50, while a five-pack of the product will have you paying £14.99 or $18.79.

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