World's first colorless coffee promises to not stain your teeth

CLRCFF Clear Coffee

Don't even get us started on mushroom coffee.

Introducing CLEAR COFFEE! That's right, it's coffee, but without the signature brown color that wreaks havoc on your teeth and clothes.

But make no mistake, CLR CFF packs a caffeinated punch in a odd, colourless form.

Our daily coffee fix sans the teeth stains? CLR CFF claims to be free of preservatives and artificial flavors. The result is a drink that looks like water, but is actually a caffeinated beverage made with arabica coffee beans.

Brothers David and Adam Nagy said the coffee is safe and does not contain any chemicals or sweeteners.

So many people like coffee, but hate when it stains their teeth.

If you love starting the day with a coffee but worry about the impact it's having on your teeth, we've found the flawless product for you. They mentioned that there was nothing on the market to soothe their issues, so they chose to create their own recipe.

For now, Clr Cff is only available in the United Kingdom and Slovakia. But one of its tasters detects "the aftertaste of cheap wine", and suggests it would go well with a "splash of rum".

A two-pack will cost you about $7.50.

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