Tomi Lahren Feels Silenced After Being Suspended From The Blaze

Tomi Lahren Trevor Noah Daily Show

According to Variety, Beck and TheBlaze have filed a countersuit against Lahren alleging that she is a "divisive" employee, but that her contract actually remains in effect.

Glenn Beck's TheBlaze turned up the heat on an estranged employee in a Texas court today, filing a countersuit against Tomi Lahren after Lahren went to court alleging she was sacked by Beck for her pro-choice views. In the same episode she said pro-choicers call abortions rare and safe so they won't sound like "baby killers". Now, The Blaze's countersuit says that Lahren is "suspended but still employed, and is receiving pay and benefits", but by claiming that the site fired her over her (sudden and inexplicable) beliefs, she is "negatively impacting its reputation". Lahren is now suing The Blaze so she can "expose" what she said is owner Glenn Beck's "misconduct".

The countersuit alleges Lahren mistreated Blaze crew members who worked on her show, calling her behavior "inappropriate and unprofessional".

Lahren may be back at it with Wale, but she has bigger fish to fry with her lawsuit-and she's hoping to put it all behind her soon enough. She added that she would be a "hypocrite" if, as a limited-government conservative, she believed that "the government should decide what women do with their bodies".

"In reality, The Blaze has had employment issues with Lahren for well over a year". She says the network has failed to turn over administrative control to her Facebook profile, cutting off access to more than 4 million followers.

At the hearing, Lahren's attorney, Brian Lauten, argued that Beck and TheBlaze ordered Lahren not to post on Facebook, even though she still technically had access to post on it. Lauten said Beck's motive in restricting Lahren was to hurt her career.

The 24-year-old known for her unpopular views when it comes to politics and social justice issues is now in limbo career-wise.

They say Lahren also turned down advertisers for "unexplained reasons" and that "many employees" overheard her complaining about the company.

Lahren has never been about ideas; she is about bomb throwing.

The Blaze is seeking an order from a judge which would prohibit any public appearances without the Blaze's approval (as per her contract), and prevent her from making disparaging or negative statements against Glenn Beck and The Blaze.

Lahren tweeted on Monday that she was all smiles. "I don't sit down in my chair and deliver my 'Final Thoughts, ' I don't have a dressing room, so I'm terminated, I'm fired... the way I look at things, I'm not doing what I was contracted to do, which was produce a television show, a political talk show".

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