Things We Learned from the 'Pretty Little Liars' Oral History

Things We Learned from the 'Pretty Little Liars' Oral History

Aria will have a insane final few episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

Alison is pregnant on 'Pretty Little Liars.' .

"Pretty Little Liars" season 7 will finally return on Freeform by April 18. The season begins in the aftermath of that bloody mess - if you missed season 7, aren't you dying to watch it now? - and while Noel is still dead, there have been other huge changes.

It's the best that any of the girls could have hoped for after engaging with A.D., but Spencer has forced all of the Liars to play a game none of them want to be part of, and once again controlling the pace and direction of the unfolding events.

Spencer is alive. That's the good, if obvious, news.

By the end of the hour, Spencer deviated from the Liars' previous plan and chose to give A.D.'s game a chance. But she ends up being discharged from the hospital after a few days with her arm in a sling.

As if we did not already doubt that Jenna was the shooter, Marco all but confirms that the bullet pulled from Spencer's shoulder did not come from the gun in Jenna Marshall's hands. Games have been a running theme in PLL, ever since Mona went to Radley (the local madhouse) and A "stole the game" from her. Spencer learns the identity of A through anagrams like CHANDELIER'S RITUALS from way back in March 2015. Now that Spencer knows her real mom is Mary Drake (Andrea Parker), she has more questions to ask. "Five minutes before I held you", Veronica tells Spencer. But I really think the way the storyline is implemented, it allows everyone to be happy.

Aww. But also, let's talk about how complicated the Hastings family tree is. They are also cousins.

When choosing "Dare" leads her to visit Toby in the hospital (he survived the vehicle accident with just a broken arm, by the way), her prize was a letter that Mary Drake wrote to her unborn child while still at Radley.

Spencer comes home to see her mom. Toby is completely fine other than needing a crutch to walk. The reunion is sad, but also kind of sweet.

"I was just excited for us to finally work together".

As a reward, the board game dispenses an envelope containing a puzzle piece and a letter from Mary to her unborn child.

Anyway, back to the sweetness: Caleb pulled out Hanna's sketch book as he told her to get back to designing clothes so he could worry about Jenna. Hanna wants to track down Jenna. She says, "You said you'd tell me today about the game". Mona looks at Hanna's portfolio of designs. This helps explain why she attempts to take a steak knife to Liar's Lament. Inside is a set of cards which read, "endgame, b****es".

Oh and then remember how Emily and Paige were up for the same swim coach job at Rosewood High, and it was very dramatic and all that? Spencer's preppy style went from nerdy to sophisticated, Hanna's fashion forward looks evolved into on trend outfits, Emily stuck with her sporty, athletic girl vibe, Lucy went from teen punk to edgy and mature, and Alison stayed with her classic girly-girl wardrobe. Ali insists that she kissed Emily because she cares and not because she was in a vulnerable state. And Emily will have to choose between Alison and Paige. Is there something deeper going on?

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