Syrian photographer puts down his camera to carry wounded children to safety

After rescuing one boy Habak is overcome with grief beside the body of another victim

"The scene was terrible - especially seeing children wailing and dying in front of you", Mr Habak told CNN.

That's when the photographer came across another child on the ground.

Habak doesn't know if the boy survived.

Habak said he picked up the child who appeared to still be breathing and ran to seek shelter.

Every day, we see images of dead bodies, including those of children, on television broadcasted from the war-ravaged Syria to our drawing rooms.

According to CNN, almost 126 people died after the bomb was triggered near the humanitarian convoy which transported the victims.

According to a CNN report, after a bomb attack on a bus took place (it killed reportedly 126 people), photographer and activist Abd Alkader Habak left his camera to rescue numerous children.

The Aleppo-based activist-videographer was caught in the middle of a massive suicide attack on a convoy of buses evacuating Syrians from a rebel-held area on April 16. He ran to the next victim, but someone warned him to stay away because he is also dead.

Picking up the critically injured child, he made a dash back to safety, during which he said the boy was "firmly holding my hand and looking at me".

Mr Habak kept his camera on and took some photos as he helped the injured so he could record the scenes of devastation. "So I decided along with my colleagues to put our cameras aside and to start rescuing injured people".

Another photographer, Muhammad Alrageb, captured Habak as he raced towards the rescue vehicle.

Though Alrageb, too, was helping the wounded but he thought to spare a moment to take a few pictures for the sake of accountability.

The bombing - which killed 126 people, among them 80 children - has not been claimed. He fell to his knees and wept beside the body of a little boy: "I was overcome with emotion". "What I and my colleagues witnessed is indescribable".

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