South Carolina homeowner finds 9-foot alligator on porch

Three-metre alligator climbs stairs, terrorises family

"It was a 9-foot alligator on our porch", Steve Polston told No, it wasn't the Easter bunny.

A slumbering family were given the shock of their lives when they discovered a three-metre alligator had managed to climb onto the second floor porch of their SC home.

Initially, the family thought the ruckus they heard outside was a not-so-sneaky intruder, so homeowner Susie Polston gathered the rest of the family into her master bedroom and dialed 911, said a report by The Post and Courier.

It is really astonishing that the alligator successfully managed to make his way up the 15-foot staircase, break the screen, rearrange furniture and arrive at family's second-floor porch.

Deemed too much of a threat to handle by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the alligator was eventually killed.

The alligator refused to move, and after barricading the door into the house, they called the authorities who, following countless attempts at trying to snare the reptile, finally captured it after two hours. "It was so freakish", Susie Polston said.

Wildlife experts say this type of behavior is not unusual for alligators during this time of the year. They tend to get territorial when anything blocks their yearly feeding path.

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