Samsung's assistant Bixby in tough challenge to rivals

Samsung's assistant Bixby in tough challenge to rivals

The handset packs some unbelievable new features like Infinity Display, which in addition to being nearly bezel-less, also brings some new apps to be used on the edges of the screen.

Siri has a new rival; the Galaxy S8 comes with Bixby, Samsung's new AI, which understands voice, text or touch.

A Chinese tipster has reported that Samsung's next smartphone will not be Note 8 but its first flagship foldable smartphone that will go by the name of "Galaxy X".

Besides, who would want to use the fingerprint scanner when the there is an iris scanner in place? Both of these screens are departures from the more traditional 16:9 phone (and TV) screens.

Although there is still time for the facial recognition to be improved, the ease with which it was tricked suggests that it's probably not as secure as Samsung would have hoped.

With the new Bixby AI, however, Samsung wishes to change the past.

Additionally, Samsung Canada training lead Dwayne Rookwood, said of the company, "we've always been about giving consumers choice".

This is something that can be fixed with software before the phone actually makes it into users' hands, but it's concerning that Samsung allowed a feature this easily fooled to appear at the launch. However, Samsung might have their own world choosing what's best for their consumers.

"We've built intelligence into the camera".

The Galaxy S8 also lets users connect it to a monitor with its new dock mode and use it as a desktop PC.

It's also full of stuff you won't find on the iPhone.

Unlike Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, older Samsung smartphones, like the last year's Galaxy S7, don't feature a dedicated hardware button to access Bixby. The Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition still runs Android paired with Touch Wiz, so what's the difference?

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