Rue 21 closing stores including West Fargo location

Rue 21 closing stores including West Fargo location

Like many other retail stores, Rue 21 has been facing the increased competition of online retailers.

Clothing store Rue 21 is closing two central San Joaquin Valley stores, along with almost 400 stores nationwide.

Another retail store will be closing in the FM area.

The 400 stores represent approximately one-third of the Pennsylvania based teen clothing chain.

There was no word from the company on a date for the closings, but its website is promoting store-closing sales.

Another brick and mortar store is closing up shop.

Rue 21, located on the first level of the mall, is among five stores to close in the state. "We still have hundreds of locations across the country, and our website, is open for business".

The retailer reported it is shuttering almost 400 stores, leaving it with more than 700 stores in 48 states.

Rue 21 also did not report how many employees will be affected.

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