'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Spoilers: Aria to Betray her Friends?

'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Spoilers: Aria to Betray her Friends?

Ideal timing, Holden, really. Aria attempted to reintroduce Ezra and Holden but Ezra was in a rush as Nicole's parents had asked him to go to NY. So, uh, everything is fine, right?

Hanna and Caleb are in bed. To each his own, but we think it's safe to say that your girlfriend telling you she would rather find the girl who tormented her for years than sleep with you might qualify as a mood killer.

Mona doesn't have the best track record, and there's still suspicion among fans that she is actually AD, so perhaps she does have ulterior motives in keeping Hanna preoccupied. Plot twist: They both got hired!

Alison spent the episode giving Emily the cold shoulder and she was furious to discover that Paige (Lindsey Shaw) was now working at Rosewood High too. You should never date someone who's tried to drown you, Emily.

"Everything I knew-everything! It just came from the big bang of lies". But Emily also steps up and, when Ali can't answer why she kissed Emily, tells her, "Don't kiss me again".

"I'm just making sure that you're real". Hanna confronted Mona who insisted it was a mistake before calling Katherine to explain. And we're so happy she did.

Hanna wants to jumpstart her design career, so Mona finds a famous senator's daughter to wear one of her dresses in public.

Although five of the girls were totally on board with the idea, Shay confessed to Refinery29 that she was less than enthusiastic about the experience. "There is no other motive".

The end of the episode shows Jenna drinking from a china teacup and being handed a book of braille, and what she reads puts a big ol' smile on her face. Spencer sadly retorted, "That's not a denial".

Veronica isn't Spencer's biological mother. Essentially, they were just gifted Monopoly for sociopaths. After Spencer does this, the board game literally spits out an old letter from Mary Drake like it's an ATM machine.

The first round was a simple game of truth or dare. However, she also revealed that the upcoming episodes will be fun and it will take patience for viewers to understand what's going on with the upcoming scenes.

Veronica tells Spencer that her father was with Mary while he thought she was Jessica DiLaurentis. So, the six girls made a decision to get inked.

It's hard to believe that after 150 episodes, the Liars will be leaving our screens for good-that is until Netflix brings back the show like they do with everything else!

WATCH: Here's Everything You Need to Remember Before Watching 'PLL's Last 10 Episodes! . By the time her knife is fully raised, the game lights up and queues up a blackmail video of the Liars burying Archer Dunhill.

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 7 Part 2 returns to Freeform on April 18.

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