'Pretty Little Liars' reveals a major secret in its final season premiere

'Pretty Little Liars' reveals a major secret in its final season premiere

The PLL cast has promised that all answers will be revealed in these final 10 episodes. Tonight's episode had an especially apt Gatsby quote (So we beat on, boats against the current) that spoke to why the show has felt fresh and smart for so many years.

When she returns to her friends, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is happy that she is back and confesses his love for her, saying they are meant to spend the rest of their lives together. However, things are still not officially over between Ezra and Nicole. Ezra comes home from NY, where he accompanied Nicole after she was found in Colombia.

Alison revealed she was pregnant during the Season 7A finale. Hanna knows he will say goodbye to her. Hanna confronted Mona who insisted it was a mistake before calling Katherine to explain. Mona helps get her brand off the ground but of course this does not go smoothly as she seemingly hijacks Hanna's line.

But can Hanna really trust her oldest BFF?

Hanna and Caleb are endgame, as A.D. might say, and they're officially back together. Aria turns on the television only to see - surprise! - the two of them embracing and kissing during a news report.

The final season from Big Little Lies. She was hired as the swim coach at Rosewood High, where she works with Allison and Paige, who was hired as the school's athletic director. She admitted to Emily that she was exhausted of Alison always playing the victim and Emily running to her rescue all the time.

As for the finale, Shay said, "And this is kind of the love letter to the fans".

Then there's Hanna, trying to make waves in the fashion industry.

With Yvonne still in a medically induced coma following the previous episode's auto crash, there could still be hope for Spoby.

It was soul-crushing note that Mary penned to Spencer just prior before giving birth to her at Radley - and also a puzzle piece that fit on the "home" spot on the board game. After being shot at the end of "The DArkest Knight", Mary Drake drops the "Mother Bomb" on Spencer, who remains in denial throughout her recovery.

Though we're still not exactly sure of her role in the "A"/Uber "A"/A.D. saga, Jenna appeared in the last few seconds of the episode - a slot usually reserved for a creepy shot of "A" doing something creepy set to creepy music.

Oh wait, why did 'A.D.' write out step by step plans of what she's planning to do to the girls in braille and give it to Jenna- what was the point of that?

But what does that mean and who will be the victor?

The teen whodunnit, which made stars out of a slew of then-unknown actors, became known for its twisty-turny cliffhangers and never-ending questions - namely, who is "A?" - over and over and over again.

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