'Pretty Little Liars' Final Season Premiere Was Really the 'Spencer Hastings Show'

'Pretty Little Liars' Final Season Premiere Was Really the 'Spencer Hastings Show'

The card says that it's from A.D. Inside, there's a game that has a model of Rosewood and tiny player pieces of all the Liars. And yes the meltynauts, after waiting nine months during which we wondered a lot about the last ten episodes of the show of Freeform, our heroines were finally back last night to propose a episode full of suspense. That includes the identity of A.D. And there are plenty of theories about who the villain is. While talking to Good Morning America, the cast said the final 10 episodes will be "game-changing", "romantic", and "shocking".

"Ashley and I wore black sunglasses the entire day that covered half our face", Shay says.

Pretty Little Liars: What does Toby's happy ending look like?

Ali is beyond stressed about her pregnancy, or as she puts it, "having a ideal stranger's baby", and rebuffs Emily's attempts to help or offer moral support. Unfortunately, it seems the answer won't come until the end of the 10-episode season.

Emily told Paige to expect an apology from Alison but Paige was having none of it.

When we last left the Liars, Spencer had been shot, Jenna was abducted and Toby was in a auto crash that left him unconscious.

If you thought that the first half of season 7 was insane (the writers weren't messing around when they decapitated Noel Khan), just you wait for 7B. "We wrapped filming in October, but we knew we still had this week of press to promote".

Jenna Marshall and Mary Drake have both gone missing post-shooting. As Spencer lay down bleeding, it is revealed that on his way out of town Toby got into a awful vehicle accident and it is unknown whether or not he is alive. She doesn't know. Hanna meets with Mona, who wants to introduce her to a friend, a senator's daughter who needs a dress for a function. (It is.) Emily keeps trying to help Alison deal with her pregnancy, but Ali is being cold and detached as per usual. The Liars then discovered that (once again!) Uber A has footage of the girls doing something incriminating - digging up Rollins' body - and is using it to blackmail them into playing.

Meanwhile, Alison and Paige get in some pointless fight at their first committee meeting.

Mona doesn't have the best track record, and there's still suspicion among fans that she is actually AD, so perhaps she does have ulterior motives in keeping Hanna preoccupied. A sneak peek of the premiere shows them in bed together and talking about their plans for the day. Hanna wants to look for Jenna. Even though her passion for fashion broke them up in the past, he knows she'll regret it if she doesn't focus on it now.

"All the things that have happened in this town and those two get taken out by a deer".

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