Photographer Puts Down Camera To Save Boy In Syria, Then Breaks Down

Photographer Puts Down Camera To Save Boy In Syria, Then Breaks Down

Describing the incident, Habak says,"The scene was frightful - especially seeing children wailing and dying in front of you", CNN reported him as saying.

In a second image, Mr Habak is seen kneeling next to the corpse of a dead child, sobbing and unable to take in what he is witnessing.

Habak doesn't know if the boy survived.

When he realized one child was dead and another was clinging to life, he said he put down his camera.

But standing at the side and taking photos of conflict, injury and death is regularly justified by the attention the resulting images spark and awareness they raise.

Photographer Abd Alkader Habak was briefly knocked down when a bomb hit a bus carrying evacuees from a besieged town outside Aleppo last week.

Habak picked up the boy, said to be about 6 or 7 years old, and ran towards an ambulance. As he ran towards an ambulance, he says the boy was still breathing, holding his hand, and looking at him. "So I decided along with my colleagues that we'd put our cameras aside and start rescuing injured people", he told CNN.

Mr Habak kept his camera on and took some photos as he helped the injured so he could record the scenes of devastation. The reporter was in Rashidin, in west Aleppo where civilian evacuation was underway. Also, he added, "I feel proud that there was a young journalist there helping save lives".

After dropping off the first boy with the medics, Habak ran back to the bombing scene to rescue more.

At least 126 people died in the attack, among them 68 children.

That's when the photographer came across charred body of another child on the ground. "I and my colleagues made a decision to help the wounded", declared the photographer for CNN.

Pictures shared in the aftermath of the explosion show bodies lying on the ground and fires belching out thick black plumes of smoke.

One of his colleagues witnessed the entire scene and captured the unique moments.

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