Nintendo Switch sells an estimated 2.4m units in first month

Nintendo Switch sells an estimated 2.4m units in first month

The Switch console has been flying off of store shelves ever since it was first released in early March.

Nintendo is looking to release a mini Switch, but like a lot of things from the Japanese game Company it's going to be a slow process with insiders tipping a 2019 release.

However like we said those figures are just for the USA alone, meaning that combining the sales from other markets should result in a more impressive figure, and we were right.

SuperData's estimates (via GameSpot) put the Switch at 2.4 million units sold globally. The hardware manufacturer billed their new product as the "fastest-selling video game system in Nintendo history". Since it was during the busiest shopping season of the year as it was released in November, the sales figures of the Switch are quite impressive.

So Nintendo sold more of this game for the Nintendo Switch than it sold Nintendo Switch units, which give it an attach rate of more than 100 percent.

With the Nintendo Switch, the property trading board game can be enjoyed on a home TV screen or on the go in tabletop mode, making full use of the console's gameplay capabilities.

"While Nintendo Switch sales are off to a record-breaking start, shipments have not yet been able to keep up with such high demand".

Despite the projected difficulties with porting Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch, Kaplan points out that it may not only be possible but that he is actually a huge fan of the Switch. There were previous reports that the performance of the Nintendo Switch drops when it is taken out of the dock and used as a handheld console. The company also sends out notices through their official Twitter page.

The Citigroup analysts predicted a sale of 6.7 million units within 12 months should Nintendo have the supposed Nintendo Mini available in the market starting April 2018. It is also understood that production plans for Nintendo in this fiscal year have been doubled.

The Citigroup analysts did not release an expected price for the speculated Nintendo Switch Mini, but stated that after the device's first year, the total sales for the hybrid console would have reached 25.7 million units.

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