Nintendo Switch Mini Predicted by Industry Analysts

Here's one way to cheat Breath of the Wild's shield-surfing challenge

But since many of us basically skipped the Wii U version anyway, the Switch version will be our first introduction to the Minecraft Super Mario World adventure pack, a fully built-out version of the Mario adventures we know so well in other formats.

The answer has apparently been revealed, just weeks before the new Nintendo Switch games list entry arrives.

However like we said those figures are just for the U.S. alone, meaning that combining the sales from other markets should result in a more impressive figure, and we were right.

Nintendo has announced as part of the March NPD results that the Switch has become its fastest selling video game system ever in the US. Superdata had previously claimed that Nintendo had moved 1.5 million units in the first two weeks after launch. Another game that I feel has a good chance of making it onto the system is Kingdom Hearts III, specially given how the console is selling like hot cakes.

Nintendo Switch bundles recently were available at GameStop a while back but it seems that all the units are now sold out.

Expect more variations of the Switch as Nintendo Co continues to refine its home and portable business strategy. For the same period, 925,000 copies of Zelda: Breath of the Wild were sold for the Switch. That figure is based on SuperData's research and channel checks, and it has led the company to dramatically increase its 2017 full-year sales estimates for Nintendo's new console. But Nintendo would apparently do better to introduce a mini version of the Switch if it wants to reach a wider audience that includes consumers with small hands, or kids in other words.

Citigroup Inc. analysts also predicted that at the time of the Mini Switch launch, the standard variant would have sold around 25 million units, and the Mini Switch could sell more than 6.5 million units within a year of launch. Nintendo now plans to double the production of the Nintendo Switch. Supply shortages are expected to persist all year long, but it looks like Nintendo managed to ship enough consoles to enjoy an explosive debut month of sales.

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