Mom accused of abusing baby on camera

Janelle Andrea Peterkin

Her older brother, who also lives in Virginia, fathered a child with 23-year-old Janelle Peterkin, who lives in Humble, Texas, outside Houston.

A Humble, Texas, mother is prohibited from seeing her 1-year-old son after apparently taking photographs of herself putting a plastic bag over the toddler's head and putting the bag in the child's mouth, along with other documented abuse.

"The video I sent to the police, she had a plastic bag, she was stuffing it down his throat", Broadnax said.

"If you get within 200 feet of the child while this order is pending, she's going to have to bring that child to 701 San Jacinto to visit you because you're going to be in jail", District Judge George Powell told Peterkin, referring to the suspect's mother.

A Texas woman accused of abusing her baby - and filming it - appeared in court Monday and was released on a $15,000 bond.

An order of protection was issued ordering Peterkin not to be within 200 feet of the child. She is due in court in May.

"She sent the pictures to her ex-boyfriend to disturb him", prosecutors said, according to

"After I put the post up, someone from New York Police Department called me and from all different states, police were calling", Broadnax told

Broadnax said she notified police, and Peterkin was later arrested and charged with child endangerment.

The videos allegedly show Peterkin torturing her son while hes strapped into a vehicle seat. "He was throwing up; his eyes were rolling to the back of the head". Prosecutors said she failed to get the child medical care.

After being released on bail Monday, Peterkin had to find a new ride home.

"When originally called us, she did not have an address", Capt. Melinda Bradshaw said.

Broadnax told the news site that she thought she was being told that there was nothing that could be done about the case. She had Peterkin's address, because she had sent Jaiden a birthday gift, so she searched Google for the nearest police department and called the Humble authorities.

Family reportedly did not know about the videos until Thursday, Broadnax said.

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