Large alligator gives family a scare on Easter morning

Joe Raedle  Getty Images File

This is exactly what happened to the Polstone family who woke up with the festive Easter spirits in their hearts and the refreshing seasonal spring on their heads at their home in Mount Pleasant in SC until they saw a full grown approximately 9-foot giant alligator on their door. It wasn't even a burglar.

The Post and Courier of Charleston reports ( Susie and Steve Polston were anxious that someone was trying to get into their home on Sunday. "It was a 9-foot alligator on our porch", Steve Polston told

"It was just surreal". The enormous creature seemed to enjoy his stay and was "perfectly happy" according to the family.

Definitely not the Easter Bunny.

As Russell worked outside, the family hid inside the master bedroom and dragged over furniture to barricade the door.

Despite state law stating trapped alligators should be killed, the Polston's wanted it to live.

Ronnie Russell of Gator Getter Consultants showed up to remove the alligator, and after spending two hours on the scene attempting to remove the reptile, it became apparent that this job wouldn't go as planned.

Last year, an alligator rang a doorbell, while another fell asleep on a porch.

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