Jimi Manuwa Insists He's 'The Mike Tyson Of The Division'

Jimi Manuwa and Daniel Cormier

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones could return to the octagon in July, provided he can prove he is clean and physically ready to fight. He was pulled from a light heavyweight unification bout days before UFC 200. After all, the former UFC light heavyweight champion reacted with about as much enthusiasm to rival Daniel Cormier's thrilling title defense against Anthony Johnson as one might to a Geology 101 course when you get to the igneous rock unit. He's a good friend of mine, and I really believe he's earned the title shot.

Perhaps this declaration about being locked into the co-main event slot will put Jones in the position where he would rather take a tune up fight against a different opponent before finally facing Cormier in a rematch. I just see myself beating Glover [Teixeira] right now and that's my only concern right now. "I'll beat [you straight] boxing chump!" However, Jones was infamously flagged for a potential violation stemming from a random drug test on June 16, just days before the fight. Whatever happens, me and Jimi are still going to be good friends, teammates and train together.

"One-hundred percent", Gustafsson said, without needing a second to think about it. "One-hundred percent-if Jones wants a welcome party back to the UFC, then I'm happy to do that". Nonetheless, an instant title shot would all depend on whether Jones was ready or not, according to White.

The two had a verbal exchange after the fight, and that war of words has now continued on social media this week, so it wouldn't be a big surprise if that does end up being the fight the UFC goes with.

Jon Jones may as well have been attending a university lecture on the night of April 8. Cormier wrote. "Jones needs to get his sea legs back".

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