IPad Air 2 Reportedly Being Offered as Fourth Generation iPad Replacement

Apple's iPad Air 2 is its most best-selling iPad ever

The only Apple fans that are eligible to receive a new iPad Air 2 are owners of malfunctioning or broke fourth generation iPads.

Apple CEO Tim Cook released the new Apple Ipad Air 2 in 2014.

This upgrade applies to Apple's official stores or authorized service centers.

Apple has greenlit the policy as a way to properly allocate its inventory.

With stock of the iPad 4 on the decline, Apple is resorted to providing the more recent iPad Air 2 as replacements units. Apple has also asked its staff to inform customers of the replacement unit's colour and capacity.

Apple aims to rebrand their Ipad air2with this new launch.

The iPad Air 2 was launched in 2014 and has been in production for more than two years. At the time of replacement, users may receive a slight upgrade in storage. The iPad Air 2 comes in a gold variant apart from the regular silver and white ones and offers only 32GB and 128GB models since the 16GB and 64GB have already been discontinued.

Typically, Apple supports devices up to five years following their discontinuation.

Replacement is the only viable solution, when Apple Stores and the authorized service providers are unable to perform repairs on a particular iPad. Apple Ipad is the Most Lovable Tab in the world.

The iPad 4, or fourth-generation iPad, was first announced in September 2012.

So, just FYI, if you take your old fourth-gen iPad in for service and they try to replace it with the same model, maybe shop around to see if you get something better. It is now simply named "iPad".

The newer device is targeted at mid-stream users and has a low retail price of $329.

That said, any iPad 4 does not qualify for the replacement program. IPAD 8.1 up to ios 10.3 upgradable and Available in 16/32/64/128GB storage with no Sim card slot with the 9.7-inch display.

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