Here's What Happened On Tonight's Pretty Little Liars Premiere

Pretty Little Liars

Typically, it's not long until Spencer and the Liars hear from A.D. Spencer receives a box containing a board game, which is called Liar's Lament.

Spencer and Toby are alive. There are also questions about what will happen with Spencer and Toby after his vehicle accident.

With Yvonne still in a medically induced coma following the previous episode's auto crash, there could still be hope for Spoby.

Emily, still unsure, nervously responded: "Don't say it out loud". Signed A.D. They open it.

When we last left the Liars, Spencer had been shot, Jenna was abducted and Toby was in a auto crash that left him unconscious.

Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra will have a lot of thinking to do about their future together, considering the return of Nicole.

Sasha said about her character Allison that she has matured into a smart and kind woman. Ezra picked up her bag and moved it away from the door. Aria has her suitcase packed but Ezra quickly reassures her that nothing has changed and that he wants her to stay. They look apprehensive as they stare at the present. Ideal timing, Holden, really. Ezra comes home from NY, where he accompanied Nicole after she was found in Colombia. So, uh, everything is fine, right?

Charlie Craig, executive producer: "The craziest ride we've ever taken our audience on!"

Then there's Hanna, trying to make waves in the fashion industry.

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Caleb somehow convinces Hanna to let him handle the A.D. search from now on so Hanna throws herself into her work. Get you a man who can do both: encourage you to live your dreams and help you end your stalker's life. Emily negotiates between Allison and Paige, all of them returned to Rosewood High as staff. "So that's why I think she might be the one that's coming back to get them all". Check your cable or satellite provider to confirm what channel PLL airs, but chances are, if you're a die hard fan, you already know the Pretty Little Liars channel by heart! Ali confesses that she may have kissed Emily because she was feeling vulnerable, despite denying it at the time. "She was literally crying in the office because she just found out her show got cancelled". I was 23 at the time, just out of theatre school.

Next day, Mona sits down with Hanna. This was only five seasons ago, you guys. And we're so happy she did. Hanna still wants to get her fashion business off the ground, so Mona offers to help, and she snags Hanna a gig dressing a NY senator's daughter for a few different events. Mona's motives are less clear - she somehow gives Katie the impression that she is Hanna's boss. "There is no other motive".

"Pretty Little Liars" is finally on its seventh season and basically, it only has few hours left for it to reveal the mystery in the series. Jenna is stopped from taking things further when Mary Drake appears and tells Spencer that she is her mother. Spencer tells her, "That's not a denial". Spencer sadly retorted, "That's not a denial". Spencer's mother doesn't deny it, calling Mary clinically insane. It's a replica of Rosewood with a message that says end game. Essentially, they were just gifted Monopoly for sociopaths.

Back at the barn, Spencer engages with the board game. We're definitely going to miss this stylish show, but the fun is not over yet. Apparently, Mary posed as her twin Jessica and carried on her sister's affair with Peter. So, the six girls chose to get inked.

The final scene of the episode showed Jenna (Tammin Sursok) drinking tea before being given a braille book.

Pretty Little Liars ends its seven-season run in the US on Tuesday night (18Apr17).

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