Glenn Beck countersues Tomi Lahren in employment dispute

Glenn Beck and his The Blaze media company counterclaims against Tomi Lahren

As we reported, earlier this month, Tomi Lahren sued Glenn Beck and TheBlaze for wrongful termination after she was sacked for coming out as pro-choice during an appearance on The View.

"Her employment agreement with TheBlaze remains in full force and effect, she continues to be employed (and paid) by TheBlaze, and she has access to her social media accounts", the company wrote in the lawsuit. Lahren sued them on April 7, claiming she was sacked for defending a woman's right to abortion rights views on ABC's "The View" in March.

"TheBlaze supports its employees' expression of their opinions and did not take issue with Lahren's comments simply because they expressed a pro-choice viewpoint", the counterclaim read.

Beck and TheBlaze dispute that, saying the network had "employment issues" with Lahren for over a year.

Last week, Lahren told ABC Nightline (which Beck claims is a contract violation in an of itself) the following about her status with TheBlaze. But the producer confirmed that she and Lahren are "not in talks". However, The Blaze said that Lahren was only "suspended" after allegedly alienating conservatives by calling them hypocrites for seeking to restrict women's' reproductive rights while advocating for smaller government.

Beck also alleges that Lahren was reported to human resources for refusing to work with one of The Blaze's two full-time makeup artists. Her show was shut down for good by TheBlaze in late March. Although the Blaze contends that it owns a Facebook page for her use, the idea that she was blocked from using it was "false", they said in their counterclaim.

"In six months, nobody will have heard of you", Lauten said.

At this time, there has been no comment from Lahren or her representation in regards to the countersuit. Apparently, this is a flip-flop from her earlier pro-life pronouncements and which evidently led to her sidelining by the Beck channel, with pay.

TheBlaze also says public appearances Lahren is scheduled to make in May and June are also violations of her contract.

The Blaze did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment. "That is the reason why TheBlaze decided that it would not extend Lahren's employment agreement beyond its expiration in September 2017 even before her appearance on 'The View'".

Before any attempt to salvage her career, Lahren needs to apologize for spreading radical statements throughout her entire show's run and lying about her views.

Glenn Beck speaks during the National Rifle Association's 139th annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 15, 2010.

Lahren alluded to the counterclaim Monday night, tweeting that she will take the advice of Washington, D.C. rapper Wale and "just smile".

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