Free pot giveaway leads to arrests near U.S. Capitol

'Faces of Marijuana Prohibition' Event Held on Capitol Hill

From Capitol Hill to Hippie Hill, marijuana enthusiasts observed their 4/20 holiday with public smoke-outs, parties and, yes, great deals on weed.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly recently called marijuana "a potentially unsafe gateway drug that frequently leads to the use of harder drugs" - a view long held by drug warriors despite scant evidence of its validity.

It is now legal to possess marijuana in Washington D.C., but it is still illegal to buy or sell.

"Under federal law, it is unlawful to possess marijuana", U.S. Capitol Police said in a statement. Smart Approaches to Marijuana said drug policy experts and elected leaders convened in Atlanta for a summit featuring Barry McCaffrey, the former drug czar under President Bill Clinton, and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. As Schiller noted, members of Congress and their staffs are not subject to the drug testing statutes that keep other federal employees, including contractors who work in Congress, from consuming marijuana. The Department of Justice is now reviewing the department's policy and will give Attorney General Jeff Sessions recommendations in July on how to proceed.

Activists plan to meet up, light up and conjure up support for marijuana to be removed from the national list of controlled substances and therefore completely legalized.

Homeland Secretary John Kelly as recently as Sunday on "Meet The Press" said, "Marijuana is not a factor in the drug war". Do you want Congress to change federal laws and ease restrictions on cannabis?

"Since we're now in the most important legislative session in Texas history regarding marijuana", said McAlister, "People like myself, and people who are reforming marijuana laws try to do something about the sad state of the laws concerning the plant".

Schiller said no individual was in possession of more than 1 ounce of pot. "This was meant to be a free speech event and was meant to influence members of Congress".

Oregon Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a co-founder of the caucus, said in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" on Thursday said he has issued clear warnings to the White House not to impede on what Oregon and other states have done to legalize the drug. "No one is talking about how Paul Ryan is not getting a vote scheduled".

Support has come from even the opposite side of the political spectrum, like longtime Trump ally Roger Stone.

It is legal for a person who is at least 21 years old to have no more than two ounces of marijuana to smoke on private property. Pot is also legal in eight states, and the point of the giveaway was to call on federal authorities to respect local pot laws.

Another pro-marijuana protest is planned for April 24, in response to the arrests.

Even though cannabis for medical use is now legal in NY, it still isn't easy to get a prescription. The cannabis itself is legally homegrown, according to the statement.

Organizers said they had no intention of being arrested during the handout.

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