Family gets Easter surprise with 9-foot gator

Family gets Easter surprise with 9-foot gator

Definitely not the Easter Bunny.

A SC family had a visitor on Sunday morning... and it was certainly not the Easter bunny.

The homeowners said they thought someone was breaking into their house when they found the gator had climbed on the porch.

The South Carolina family reacted quickly and took refuge in their master bedroom, leaving the snake in the rest of the home.

Polston says the family will invest in a more secure screen door and a gate for the stairwell to prevent future visits from alligators. According to animal and wildlife experts, with rising temperatures, the alligators tend to come out of hibernation and preparing for a routinely feeding and mating season.

Ronnie Russell of Gator Getter Consultants showed up to remove the alligator, and after spending two hours on the scene attempting to remove the reptile, it became apparent that this job wouldn't go as planned.

SC law dictates that alligators deemed to have caused a nuisance that been trapped must be euthanised - so the reptile never did succeed in its efforts to find a female alligator to mate with.

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