Family awakens to 9-foot alligator on porch

Courtesy WCBD

An unexpected surprise was in store for a family when a huge alligator entered their house, climbed a staircase and then penetrated their living room. No, it wasn't the Easter bunny.

The family said they heard the noise and thought it was someone breaking into their home, not an alligator trying to attend Easter brunch.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources ultimately decided against handling the creature, owing to the risk, and euthanised it instead.

Susie and Steve Polston - along with their 16-year-old son - cowered in the master bedroom as the terrifying beast prowled around in their home in South Carolina, US.

A SC family got an Easter surprise - a big, angry alligator lounging on their front porch. The reptile had no plans of leaving and got more aggressive with time.

Alligator experts say an alligator climbing a flight of stairs like that is extremely rare - but they said because it's Spring, the animal was likely going to desperate measures in its pursuit of a mate. They tend to get territorial when anything blocks their yearly feeding path.

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