Company introduces first colorless coffee drink in the world

CLRCFF Clear Coffee

When they have created their drink, they've noticed that caffeine is losing or seeping out of the clear coffee.

The British-based creators of CLR CFF say it's the first colorless coffee on the market.

We all love coffee, right?

As the company describes it, there are no preservatives, stabilizers, sugars or sweeteners, and it carries just a few calories per serving, just like regular coffee, but because it's clear it won't stain your teeth.

But make no mistake, CLR CFF packs a caffeinated punch in a unusual, colourless form. - Handout via AFPBecause while many like their coffee black, no one likes their teeth to be that way.

'We are heavy coffee drinkers.

So many people like coffee, but hate when it stains their teeth. According to the brothers, the coffee is made only with water, Arabica coffee beans and caffeine. "There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs so we chose to create our own recipe", said David Nagy.

The coffee is available for purchase online, but it isn't cheap. MetroUK proclaims it "odd but not unpleasant".

A new kind of coffee will have you changing the way you second guessing your morning cup of java.

And at £5.99 for two bottles, a hit of CLR CFF works out at roughly the same price as that daily Starbs.

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