Canada introduces legislation to legalise marijuana

Will Canada be known for another kind of leaf - other than its iconic maple?

He stressed that until the legislation is passed, recreational marijuana remains illegal across Canada - a point underscored in recent months by a series of police raids on marijuana dispensaries across the country. "We're going to change that", Mr Trudeau said.

Subject to Parliamentary approval and Royal Assent, the government intends to provide regulated and restricted access to cannabis no later than July 2018. The bill, which is headed to Royal Assent next, aims to create strict guidelines to regulate the cultivation, distribution, sale and possession of marijuana in Canada for adults to use and possess legally. I also know from 40 years of police work, that this is the business overwhelmingly controlled by organized crime and the profits of this criminal enterprise do no good for our communities.

"While the Canadian government is moving in the direction of legalization and regulation, the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions seem more intent on reviving outdated and erroneous Drug War rhetoric than allowing science and facts to dictate public policy", Altieri said in a statement.

Provinces and territories would make their own decisions regarding the distribution and sale of marijuana, Health Canada says. If the legislation becomes law, adults could have up to 30 grams of cannabis on their person and grow up to four plants in their home.

Under the Cannabis Act, Canadians would be able to buy marijuana at legal retail outlets or receive them through a licensed producer in the mail.

Chief Murray Rodd issued a statement to The Examiner after details of the new bills were made public Thursday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government introduced legislation that would allow adults to possess, share and purchase marijuana, while also strengthening penalties for those who give or sell the products to youth. For instance, the minimum age for consuming alcohol varies across Canadian provinces.

The government is now making plans to regulate how marijuana can be marketed.

'The only control that is now in place is the criminal sanction and the laws, ' he said, according to CBC News. "It's not an absolute guarantee that kids won't get access to it, but it will be far more hard for kids to get access to it when this new regime is in place than it is today".

"Police forces spend between $2 billion and $3 billion every year trying to deal with cannabis, and yet Canadian teenagers are among the heaviest users in the western world ... we simply have to do better".

Under the federal government's proposal, the provinces must determine how the drug is bought and sold within their borders, how much the drug will cost the public and how old a customer must be to buy recreational marijuana.

Despite having low levels of mind-altering THC, hemp has been lumped into the same category as marijuana in the USA, and is classified as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

· They are moving to test more of their product to empower clients to make informed choices. Criminal offenses for illicit production and trafficking will remain in place. Goodale said Canadian tourists "should never lie" to border guards and suggested he had raised the issue with USA officials.

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