Browns have zeroed in on choice with No. 1 draft pick

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Yet Browns' executive VP Sashi Brown put the kibosh on any early revelation of who will be Cleveland's pick in his press conference. While the Browns are expected to pick Myles Garrett first overall and NOT trade away their first round pick like last season (which ended up going to the Eagles, taking Carson Wentz), they can pick a quarterback later down the ladder, which would surely mean Osweiler is about to get dumped.

- The view that Myles Garrett took plays off or didn't give 100 percent in games and will affect his draft stock is more media driven than reality, at least inside their draft room. There is no premier quarterback in this draft, so the Browns can get the next best thing - a premier pass rusher. "Every prospect is going to have his weaknesses". "He is in [for the offseason program] and has done a good job coming in the first couple days". "That said, a lot of it is outside your hands, what players will be available, what trade partners might be willing". "We will feel better about this year just because we have had more time to prepare and work with our entire scouting staff and coaching staff throughout the year", Brown said. That could enable the Browns to potentially see if they have anything in any of the three quarterbacks they now have under contract.

And when asked if he's confident that the Browns won't be picking in the top-five next year, Brown added: "I would have a few more gray hairs, and I have a number that I didn't have last year when I was sitting with you".

Still, there's only so much information to gather and analyze. "This is an important draft for us". "That would surprise me if we traded down that way this year", Brown said. A high draft pick who will contribute right away, as Belichick's top selections nearly always do? We do have a pretty good sense, and it is important because we want to plan for us as we move forward. "But are we planning on it or is that the plan? No". If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article. Which some consider a career death sentence, as the first overall pick belongs to the Cleveland Browns. That remains to be seen and could depend largely on the actions of other teams. "You can learn a lot", Brown said.

Be Civil - It's OK to have a difference in opinion but there's no need to be a jerk. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune stated that the Bears made a visit to Texas Tech for a workout with quarterback Patrick Mahomes this past weekend.

Nate Ulrich, Cleveland Browns beat writer: Let's pump the brakes for a moment.

On Wednesday, Browns vice president of player personnel Andrew Berry acknowledged what many draft experts have said about this year's class of defensive backs.

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