'Big Little Lies' 7B Premiere: Sturm und Drang

'Big Little Lies' 7B Premiere: Sturm und Drang

Ezra returns to Rosewood, to the surprise of Aria.

"Emily (Shay Mitchell) butts heads with a teenager who's a new version of high school Alison (Sasha Pieterse)", reads the episode synopsis for Episode 12. And yes the meltynauts, after waiting nine months during which we wondered a lot about the last ten episodes of the show of Freeform, our heroines were finally back last night to propose a episode full of suspense.

With Mary missing, Spencer was desperate to know more about her birth mother and she received a text message from A.D. promising to reveal more if she played the game.

Oliver Goldstick, executive producer: "These final 10 eps of "PLL" will provide an emotional, shocking, and satisfying conclusion to our long-running ride - seatbelts and airbags are definitely required".

Of all the couples in PLL history, the one fans still unequivocally love is Spencer and Toby.

Pretty Little Liars 7B is available weekly on Netflix from April 19. So she will have to cope with that news during the final 10 episodes. The tricky thing is that both Alison and Paige are also working there.

Nobody but Troian Bellisario could be Spencer, but her fashion sense nearly got in the way. "We wrapped filming in October, but we still knew we had this week of press to promote so this is sort of our last shebang. our last time being all together for a while". At least the game led to something more personal, as Spencer unlocked a letter from Mary Drake explaining further why she did some of the things that she did.

Ok, maybe this wasn't so shocking, but still, after knowing that Spencer and Toby could be dead after being shot and in a vehicle accident, respectively, learning they were alive early on in the episode was a relief. (It is.) Emily keeps trying to help Alison deal with her pregnancy, but Ali is being cold and detached as per usual. It is so hard to choose who had the best style evolution because we love each and every girl in their own unique way and they're all so different!

Emily will have to choose between Paige and Ali before the season is over, and there's no obvious victor in the battle for Em's heart just yet. In other words, Haleb is officially back together.

But Caleb doesn't want to lose Hanna again and hands her her sketchbook. However, this kind gesture is lost on Hanna because the senator's daughter thinks Mona is her boss. It doesn't seem like she even knows herself.

Considering everything the Liars have been through, Aria is a little too shocked to discover that A.D.is still on the loose.

If anyone is keeping score, the final season premiere of Pretty Little Liars was a point in A.D.'s favor. Aria attempted to reintroduce Ezra and Holden but Ezra was in a rush as Nicole's parents had asked him to go to NY.

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