April The Giraffe's Calf Stronger And Heavier

Adorable Zoo Babies April the Giraffe's Calf

On Saturday, thousands tuned in to watch 15-year-old April give birth to her fourth calf.

April the Giraffe FINALLY gives birth, but what should baby's name be?

At birth, April the giraffe's baby boy is already a tall drink of water.

Animal Adventure has been in the spotlight for months since launching a live webcam to document and showcase the birth to the world.

Looks like the conspiracy theorists were wrong: April, the pregnant NY giraffe whose live cam at the Animal Adventure Park petting zoo was creeped upon by millions of people all over the world for upward of two months, really did have a baby in there.

April has been the subject of worldwide attention since the live feed was turned on in February. Even dad, who is usually not part of the child rearing process, has shown interest in getting to know the new arrival.

The park's veterinarian is aware of the issue, and the park said the injury is not unheard of in long-legged animals. Animal Adventure Park is holding a contest to pick the baby's name, and animal lovers can submit 5 suggestions for a mere $1 each.

I spent some time going through quite a few of the "April the giraffe" links that popped up from my internet search and noticed something interesting about the public discourse that takes place when it comes to animal life versus human life. Those have included a parody of the live-stream by a pregnant woman, a day-by-day analysis of pregnancy signs, baby showers for April, and people anxiously awaiting the big event.

The newborn stood up on his wobbly legs about 45 minutes after he was born. "We will post the baby weight in the comments of this post after we have our results", the zoo wrote. Millions of people have checked on April at some point in the last two months.

April the giraffe is now a mom! It is now closed but fans of April and her new baby will be able to visit when the park re-opens in mid-May.

The unnamed calf weighed in at 133 pounds, posting an increase of 2 pounds during a period of 24 hours.

All of which means that you are definitely not done thinking about baby giraffes.

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