Apple makes a bunch of apps free for everyone

Apple makes a bunch of apps free for everyone

Hey, how would you like a copy of Apple's iMovie, GarageBand and iWork suite for free and totally legal?

Likewise with iMovie for macOS ($14.99) and GarageBand was listed for ($4.99), the change in tack represents some pretty serious potential changes for Apple device owners.

Apple has pushed out updates to all three products that makes them freely available to anyone who has a Mac or an iOS device.

The news of the price change was first reported by MacRumors, and we've confirmed.

iWork includes Pages, which is like Microsoft Word, Numbers (like Excel) and Keynote (like PowerPoint.) The apps stay in sync across devices, whether you're using them on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, and documents can also be accessed easily through iCloud.

For reference, the entire iWork suite used to cost $30 on iOS and $60 on Mac, while iLife used to run for $10 on iOS and $20 on Mac. Those with an older MacBook for example, had the choice to pay for Pages or eschew Apple's productivity app altogether in favor of something free like Google Docs or something more popular like Microsoft Word. Apple users who hadn't made a device purchase in the last few years, on the other hand, still had to buy the apps directly from the App Store.

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