10 wild new revelations about Hillary Clinton's doomed campaign

There would be no victory to celebrate.

The book says that Mrs Clinton was told by one of her advisors in early 2016 that Mr Trump could beat her to the presidency.

Allen, whose book is co-written by The Hill's Amie Parnes and published by Crown, said successful candidates must be able to bridge the divides within their party. Then, the ad would conclude with Sanders using Hillary's campaign slogan: "I'm with her". But the Comey episode doesn't address why the race in the reliably blue Rust Belt was so close to begin with or what Clinton could have done to alter it.

Obama reportedly wanted to avoid Clinton - who was dealt her first major blow on November 8 around 7:45 p.m. when a top pollster informed her she was going to lose Florida, The Washington Post reports. That view is both echoed and called into question in "Shattered", which depicts a vexing Goldilocks-style problem for Clinton across the region.

After being widely criticized for a series of seemingly flippant answers about the server controversy, and in response to polling that showed the issue was damaging her standing with voters, she later appeared to capitulate to her advisers, apologizing for the server in September 2016 during an interview with ABC News. In Michigan, local organizers thought it was best that she stayed away. Every eye was on that plaza in NY, her supporters waiting to hear from their candidate, and the deafening silence from the campaign. In all three, she lost by less than 1 percent of the vote.

Bill Clinton's chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, "mentioned to him and a small group of his aides that she was going to see the Rolling Stones in Europe".

The effects of Trump's nationalist campaign are also relegated to the backseat, as this is a story primarily told through how Clinton's campaign adapted (or sometimes crucially didn't) to the evolving political climate.

"Mostly there was an inability to turn out the hard left that was angry at her. and I think she wasn't able to bring in a lot of those white working-class Democrats who she didn't really have a message for".

That's simply not the Hillary we've all come to know. We remember John Podesta telling everyone to go home, and we remember the rumors of a drunken, raging, possible violent Hillary Clinton who refused to admit defeat.

"Hillary's campaign was so spirit-crushing that her aides eventually shorthanded the feeling of impending doom with a simple mantra", they added.

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