Simone Biles tearfully opens up about being adopted

Dancing with the Stars 2017 Spoilers- Week 4 Dance Styles

"I said I couldn't dance. She never asks my opinion, so I was a little surprised and it took seven times watching to come up with something to critique". "That was the person I always wanted to see walk in to the foster home". Erin is in tears in her post-dance interview.

Simone Biles (who, by the way, was flawless in her Viennese waltz) got a 36 honoring her parents and their willingness to give her a supportive environment that enabled her to win lots of gold medals at the Rio Olympics.

Former Chicago Cubs star David Ross and Lindsay Arnold scored 31 for a waltz in which he paid tribute to his World Series winning team. "And so I truly feel like this song of unconditional love that we all have for one another in our family, but especially between me and my dad and I".

He is now a 22-year cancer survivor and hopes to inspire others with his story. "I said I want to find that guy who said that", Mr. T told "GMA" co-anchor Michael Strahan. But Charo appears to be in total support of DWTS even though she's no longer a part of it for Season 24.

Watch her full performance below.

Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater - We don't know how you could even grade this dance given that it was so touching, so heartfelt, and attractive from start to finish.

Kerrigan finished fourth place, while football player Rashad Jennings and partner Emma Slater wowed the judges and crowd with their contemporary routine that earned 39, the highest score of the season. The rain delay meant Grandpa Rossy was back in the ballpark. Goodman said it was her best dance so far, and Hough saw an emotional breakthrough by Biles. "Your relationship with your father is so attractive", she told him. Len called the dance sharp and crisp; Bruno thought the couple was in flawless harmony and they didn't miss a beat; Carrie Ann told Heather she is getting brighter each week. Erika Jayne: 30 out of 40 Erika chose 1989 as her most memorable year because that's the year she fully set out to follow her dreams of stardom. The dance ended with Nick plucking his fiancee Vanessa Grimaldi from the audience for the final moves of the routine. Nancy and her husband were able to conceive via in-vitro and they added two more children to their family.

After pointing the lift out in Normani Kordei and Val Chmerkovskiy's rumba, she pulled out a ballroom rule book with the definition of a lift. As the judges point out after her gorgeous foxtrot, Nancy is improving every week.

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