Instagram's copy of Snapchat is now complete

If you decide to take a screenshot of a disappearing message, the sender will be notified.

Prior to this update, sharing disappearing photos and videos with someone or a group while also participating in a private conversation with them meant you had at least two independent chats happening. Instagram's updated Direct interface allows users to individually or group message disappearing photo and videos in the same individualized chat section previously reserved for texts and re-shares. New ephemeral messages sent to you will be highlighted in blue within the Direct Inbox and can be viewed twice (the first time and then replayed once). The social platform is now reporting over 375 million monthly active users when opposed to 250 million before Stories in Direct launched.

Disappearing multimedia, or ephemeral messages if you want to be technical, has arrived on Instagram, completing the platform's Snapchat-like makeover. The changes today as ephemeral messages will now be displayed inside permanent chat threads. Annoying. But those days are over, as this revamped version of Direct has both consolidated the function's presence within the app and expanded its user-friendly features.

Instagram Direct Messages have gotten a new update, which brings disappearing photos and videos to this feature.

In its initial public offering prospectus from February, Snapchat said that 60% of its 158 million daily users directly message each other every day. So, this update can be seen as an ongoing effort to enhance the current experience and making it more streamlined - which it definitely has.

"Today, we're launching the new Direct to make it fast and easy to turn any conversation into a visual conversation with photos and videos", says Instagram.

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