Census finds typical Aust a 38yo woman


The census shows the typical South Australian in 2016 was a 40-year-old woman, a year older than the typical South Australian in 2011, and two years older than in 2006.

"Your standard Aussie battler gave up and said "Stuff this for a joke" after their third attempt at trying to access the census website, using their first language of English in the household they own with a mortgage". Victorians fared better than Queensland, with the average Queenslander either "owning their home with a mortgage" or "renting", according to the results. She lives in a house with three bedrooms and two motor vehicles.

Semmens is educated and does between five and 14 hours of unpaid domestic work per week.

"In most other regards, the average Tasmanian is fairly similar to the average Australian, and, importantly, is comparable relative to highest year of school completed (year 12 or equivalent)". But today, You'll also have two cars (the results are unclear whether finance remains) and at least one of your parents was born overseas, plus - you'll have English ancestry.

Australians are less likely to own their home outright than a decade ago, according to preliminary census 2016 figures, in the latest sign of declining home ownership in the "lucky country". In 2016, the state's typical migrant was a Chinese-born female aged 44.

On Tuesday, the ABS revealed what it described as the "typical Australian" after spending months compiling the data from all over the nation. But this varies from state to state. And in New South Wales, it's China.

Demographer Mark McCrindle said the idea that India had knocked the United Kingdom off the perch as the origin of the typical migrant was a significant development.

The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey past year found the rate of ownership, including both mortgaged and paid-up properties, to have dropped from 57 per cent of adults in 2002 to 51.7 per cent in 2014, with the decline especially pronounced among those aged 18-35.

He said the fact that the typical age of the Victorian migrant was 43 showed it was not only students, but also workers relocating to Melbourne to take advantage of perceived lifestyle opportunities.

In 1985 you had NZ and the other four were all European countries.

The typical indigenous Victorian is female and 23 years old - some 14 years less than the average for the state as a whole.

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