Bank of Canada gets nerdy to celebrate anniversary

Bank of Canada put an Easter egg on its website announcement of a new $10 bill in the form of a Konami code used in video games such as "Contra".

The Bank of Canada wants to prove that it's as much of a geek as anyone of us. It appears in a number of games, even non-Konami ones, and is used to affect gameplay and reveal hidden Easter egg surprises placed there by developers.

There are plenty of fun ways to celebrate the country, but one little Easter egg will specifically touch the hearts of gamers.

In another nod to nerds, Canada's official Twitter account previous year asked followers to say which Pokemon they think is the most Canadian. Because it originated on the NES, it's created to be entered with a controller, although your keyboard will do the job nicely as well, using the arrow keys: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

Konami's infamous cheat code has lived a long life in video games and the internet at large. You can enter the code on your keyboard after navigating to the Bank of Canada's official website.

Though Governor Stephen Poloz unveiled a commemorative C$10 banknote at a live ceremony last week, the central bank's Web team had a nerdier take on the event.

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