#YouTubeIsOverParty: People Are Protesting YouTube's Restricted Mode Blocking LGBTIQ Content


Even worse, musical duo Tegan & Sara, whose work is often unapologetically focused on LGBTQIA issues, found that a few of their music videos were hidden under YouTube's new mode.

"I think it's really important to look at why LGBT content has been deemed as inappropriate".

"Videos about... life, love, history, friendships etc are no more inappropriate than videos with straight couples", she said. It was further topped off by YouTuber NeonFionna, who posted side-by-side screenshots showing what keywords were being filtered as LGBTQ+ content. But because they decided that they knew better than those who used their platform, this all just becomes another false step in a longer line of mistakes. And it's scary on so many levels.

And as reported by PinkNews, many LGBTQ+ YouTubers believe that this could ultimately harm LGBT youth seeking to learn more about themselves or their peers, especially those who are limited in where they are able to access the internet.

YouTube attempted to get ahead of the controversy by releasing a statement on Twitter.

YouTube took to Twitter over the weekend to address an issue that has caused much consternation across the platform: many creators whose content touches on LGBTQ topics - even in child-friendly ways - are seeing their videos flagged when in Restricted Mode, a setting created to "screen out potentially objectionable content". If that's the case, it seems rather suspicious that even the most innocuous of videos dealing with LGBTQ issues and people, including the video above, are being blocked in this mode.

"We are so proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform - they're a key part of what YouTube is all about", a Twitter post on the YouTube Creators account claimed.

They tweeted again today, assuring people people that some videos have been incorrectly labeled and they're working on the problem. Restricted Mode is available in all languages, but due to potential cultural sensitivities, the quality may vary. We're on it! More to come. In the case of LGBT topics, which are by definition intertwined with health, politics and sexuality, filtering out what is and isn't appropriate can be hard.

- Alli Speed (@AlliSpeed)This is a straight up lie. Some users also noted that a handful of pop videos - including songs by Taylor Swift - were also removed from view in Restricted Mode, leading some to question whether the algorithm that flags videos for removal needed to be tweaked.

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