Woman dies after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in South Florida

Kansas woman dies at Florida clinic after Brazilian Butt Lift procedure

Hall's cosmetic Brazilian butt lift surgery procedure was to be performed at the Eres Plastic Surgery Clinic, which is located in Hialeah, on March 16.

Ranika Hall, 25, travelled to South Florida from her native Missouri to undergo the bottom-shaping surgery because she was unhappy with her post-pregnancy body. Her parents reportedly warned her from taking the surgery but she ignored their advice.

Family said she leaves behind a one-year-old daughter.

Family identify her as 25-year-old Ranika Hall.

Last May, another woman, Heather Meadows, 29 died at the same business while undergoing the same procedure, but it's unclear whether the same doctor performed the surgery on both women.

The tragic death follows that of mother-of-two Heather Meadows, from West Virginia, who died in May 2016 after undergoing the same operation in the same building.

The Miami Herald reports that at least two other deaths are linked to physician Ismael Labrador, who's the president of Eres/Encore as well as owner of a clinic called Vanity Cosmetic Surgery.

Encore and connected clinics were known to engage in deceptive practices resulting in patient injuries, according to local investigations. She was declared dead an hour later at the hospital.

"It's hard for me to grasp a hold of it", Nicole Hall told the media. Her mother also said that she is "looking for answers".

Another woman died after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift at a clinic in Miami.

The procedure, Brazilian Butt Lift, involves removing fat from a person's stomach or back and injecting it into the buttocks of a person to gift it a filler appearance.

Hall scheduled her surgery for last Thursday at Eres Plastic Surgery in Hieleah, Florida. Apparently, Miami-Dade coroners claimed in her autopsy report that Meadows died because of some fat cloths which caused her organs to fail. This is a part of the statement released on behalf of Eres Plastic Surgery Center.

The clinic said in a statement Friday night that it is "deeply saddened by what has occurred" with Hall, and that the surgeon "is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to his patients". The cause of Meadows' death was ruled fat embolism syndrome.

A woman who identifies herself as Hall's mother has set up a GoFundMe page in the patient's name.

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