The FBI found Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey…in Mexico

The FBI found Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey…in Mexico

The FBI and National Football League security said on Monday that they found a jersey stolen from the New England Patriots' Tom Brady after his team won the Super Bowl last month in Mexico.

The league also announced another jersey worn by Brady in Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 was retrieved after an investigation led by the FBI - both found in possession of an worldwide media member. The same person also had the jersey Brady wore during his victory against the Seattle Seahawks in 2015's Super Bowl XLIX.

The mystery of Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey led police all the way to Mexico, and authorities were investigating a former tabloid newspaper executive's possible role in the case. While they were unable to find the missing Tom Brady jersey, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was called in to help, and they apparently got the job done. The estimated value of the jersey is $500,000, according to a police report released in February by the Houston Police Department.

Brady's missing jerseys have been recovered and are on their way back to the Patriots, but there's no word on the status of Miller's supposedly missing equipment.

He said recovering the jersey was not his department's top priority, but it was important that what was otherwise a successful Super Bowl not be marred by such a theft. Acevedo said officials were confident the jerseys belonged to Brady.

"It's a blemish on our Super Bowl", he added.

After pouring over the video and landing on the person of interest, Glazer says, the investigation had to work with authorities in Mexico in order to get the stolen goods back onto US soil.

"You don't come to Texas and embarrass us on our home turf", Acevedo told reporters.

The FBI declined to comment to Denver7, citing an ongoing investigation. Now that the Patriots have "jersey-gate" apparently put behind them, they can once again concentrate on how they can win yet another Super Bowl title next season.

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